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An Actual Plane Part!

Continuing the Vertical Stabilizer: Here and I thought I was pretty much done with all the setup humdrum!  Little did I know how much setup goes into HVLP.  I finally set up the famous purple gun from Harbor Freight for a low low price of $8 (with a super coupon!) and practiced on some scraps to perfect my technique.  I finally settled on  wet abrading with maroon scotchbrite, cleaning with water, and finally finishing with acetone.  A quick water break test confirms (to a reasonable degree) that the metal is clean.  Below is the result of that method, having primed the parts for the stabilizer. Primed internals with AKZO Nobel in a spray tent Just before flipping the parts to prime the other side Sticking with recommendations, all spray operations were done with an M3 activated charcoal mask to prevent inhalation, and latex gloves.  The gloves both protect me from the primer, and the parts from me. Dimpling and Riveting: While waiting for the AKZO to cure, I assemb

Off to the Races

Vans Practice Kit and Starting the Vertical Stabilizer: Every year, gearheads from around the world congregate at the Circuit of the Americas track for Moto GP.  My best friend, being one such gearhead, came to Austin to enjoy the races and experience the area.  While he was here, we ended up heading to the hangar to try our hand at building some airplane (practice) parts.  We ended working through to step 6 of the practice kit, attaching and match drilling the skins to the 7 before it was time to head back. The following week, I spent a few hours making some more progress on the kit, rounding out the build by wrapping up just before riveting the flanges and trailing edge. I also ordered a few more parts, and finally embedded a back rivet plate into one of the workbenches I've been holding off on picking up a back rivet plate only because I hoped I could source a cold-rolled steel plate locally.  As it turned out, the ease of simply ordering one online outweigh