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Why is the little wheel on the wrong end?

Refinishing the V-Stab Spar So, I apparently can't get enough of the vertical stabilizer.  After fretting about the stiffener, I finally drilled out all 62 rivets common to the spar.  On the bright side, I've gotten really good at drilling out rivets.  It helps that the rivets were all 4/32nds diameter. Having drilled out the stiffener, I went to town on it, smoothing out the edges with the bench grinder and die grinder with attached scotchbrite wheel.  Of course, sanding these edges took off some of the primer, and this had to be touched up.  I picked up an airbrush, which was actually pretty hard to use.  At some point, I'll probably have to use it again, but I definitely prefer the HVLP gun. EAA Tech Councilor Visit After getting the spar re-assembled, I contacted an EAA Tech Councilor, Mr. William Bennett to stop by for an initial inspection.  After inspecting the V-stab and the work done thus far on the rudder, he signed me off with the initial