"Like Working in a Convection Oven"

A Visit from the EAA Chapter:

Last week saw a visit from the local EAA chapter, after the morning's meeting.  I did a little show-and-tell, explaining to some of the members what was going on, what various contraptions were used for what.  To my benefit, some of the other builders in the club took a look over my work thus far.

They pointed out that I should prime the final-drilled hinge bracket attach holes as the brackets themselves are steel, and will corrode if not treated.  Not a big deal, I'm going to be priming the skeleton of the rudder next week, so I'll drill out the brackets and touch them up then.

Starting the Rudder

With the newfound confidence of (mostly) finishing my first actual airplane part, I finally got along to starting the rudder.  Having read ahead in the instructions, it looks like the riveted trailing edge will present the biggest hurdle.  Lucky me, I've practiced once on the preview kit, and did alright.  This one has a pre-drilled wedge, which should reduce the variation on this build.

The majority of the build process so far has involved fabricating a bunch of parts from the joined-together stock.  To get it done, added to my stash of tools to cut, grind, sand, and polish all these little bits and pieces.

Those little bits and pieces come together to make a bigger bit and piece.

Then a bigger piece still.

Thus the Elephant is eaten, one bite at a time.

Eventually resulting in a drilled TE, drilled perpendicular to the chord, as per plans.

Texas in the Summer

Yah, it got toasty last week.  Luckily, I picked up a few palettes of water beforehand to keep myself cool.

I'm going to have to seriously consider picking up a swamp cooler for the hangar.


  1. I thought I'd warn you...sqamp coolers don't work in high humidity ares. They work by adding humidity (the running water) to the air to cool the air. Since you already have high humidity it probably won't cool much.

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