An Air Show and Some Tables

Inventory Finished:

Despite diligently getting my flu shot this year, someone at my office brought in a case of the flu. A lazy day of cold medicine and soup warmed me up and set me right, so off to the hangar I went.
Skins, spars, and rivets oh my!
A few hours later, and after shooting the breeze with Mr. Peck, who deserves an introduction at a later date, I was able to finish the inventory process.  According to Vans, I’ve got all the bits and pieces I should have.

EAA Fly-in and BBQ:

One of the perks of slowly becoming an airport bum is that I get to experience the local airport fare.  This weekend saw beautiful weather, Texas BBQ, and the smell of avgas.  It was a great time, and an excellent opportunity to rub elbows with other builders and enthusiasts.
A real life VeriEze!

Wouldn't be an air show without a Stearman!

Last but not least, one of many RV's

Finished with the Carpentry (for now):

After recovering from a busy week, I spent a few more hours at the hangar finishing up the EAA 1000 tables, assembling some tools, and generally cleaning up.

Four tables, one set of shelves, and a parts bin later, it's starting to look like a workshop!  Next up, working on the practice kits and driving some rivets through the trimmings.


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